Media Coverage

BGC and Maxcor Financial Complete Merger Agreement
May 20, 2005

Cantor and Maxcor Enter New Businesses
January 23-25, 2004 – The New York Sun Weekend Edition

Q&A with Maxcor Utilities Analyst, Daniele Seitz
November 3, 2003 – SNL Daily Energy Watch (©2003 SNL Financial)

Salute to Maxcor: New Corporate Partner
Fall 2003 – To Date by Columbia University Medical Center

Do Smaller Firms Offer Better Research?
October 14, 2002 – High Yield Report

Maxcor Decides to Stay Downtown
August 26 – September 1, 2002 – Crain’s

Interview with Gilbert Scharf, Chairman, Maxor Financial Group Inc.
April 29, 2002 – The Wall Street Transcript

Up From Ground Zero
March/April 2002 – – Author: Michael Learmonth

Six Months Later
March 10, 2002 – Adam Geller, AP Business Writer

Euro Brokers Guts It Out to Recoup Bond Business
March 4-10, 2002 – Crain’s

Euro Brokers 9/11
December 20, 2001–January 2, 2002 – The Local Planet

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