Welcome to Maxcor Financial Asset Management

Maxcor Financial Asset Management Inc. (“MFAM”) is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and offers a securities lending service to public funds, insurance companies, corporate pension plans, foundations and banks.

Through its Euro Brokers “Securities Lending” division, MFAM arranges for the lending of securities held in its clients’ portfolios to securities dealers and other market participants who need them to manage their own positions. In exchange for such loaned securities, which are primarily U.S. government and agency securities and U.S. corporate bonds (but also non-dollar government securities and corporate bonds), MFAM receives either cash collateral or non-cash collateral plus fee income from the borrower.

MFAM believes it offers significant advantages over traditional securities lending programs, including:

  • With a select group of accounts, MFAM typically can keep a greater percentage of a portfolio on loan. The more of the portfolio that is on loan, the greater the income of the client.
  • MFAM employs an experienced Securities Lending staff who have long-standing relationships with borrowers of securities, typically resulting in more securities on loan and optimal spreads.
  • MFAM is extremely flexible in handling clients’ accounts. Clients are able to determine their own degree of involvement, the types of reports they require, and other specific needs. MFAM customizes its program to match client requirements.