Welcome to the Maxcor Foundation

Maxcor Foundation Inc. was established in May 2003 to serve as the charitable giving arm of our company. The Foundation’s goal is to recognize and support organizations that benefit the various communities in which we and our employees operate. The Foundation does so by making grants each year to a wide variety of other tax-exempt charitable organizations.

In connection with this year’s Charity Day, held on April 19, 2004, the Foundation made donations to: The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc.; Columbia University Medical Center; The Fuqua/Coach K Center of Leadership & Ethics; and The Royal Marsden Hospital in London. The first two of these organizations were also recipients of grants from the Maxcor Foundation following our 2003 Charity Day, in addition to The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing scholarship funding for the children of U.S. Marines and Federal law enforcement agents who are killed in the line of duty. Its charitable donations recently have included the children of all members of the U.S. and international coalition forces that have been killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, regardless of their service branch. Monies raised by the Maxcor Foundation are earmarked specifically to help fund scholarship bonds for these children.

Click here to see a photo of a check presentation by the Foundation to MC-LEF.

Click here to read about the MC-LEF’s presentation of The Commandant’s Leadership Award to Gilbert D. Scharf.

The Columbia University Medical Center is the pre-eminent medical educational institution in the New York tri-state area, and the center for some of the most important medical research and teaching in the world. The Maxcor Foundation contribution is helping fund clinical and research programs in the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, focused on treating pediatric and adolescent obesity and defining the ways that obesity leads to diabetes. It is also endowing a research scholarship in the Division of Rheumatology, which investigates and treats various arthritis and related conditions, such as lupus and other auto-immune diseases.

The Fuqua/Coach K Center of Leadership & Ethics advances leadership and ethics through research and education. Established by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the center strives to influence the way students, academics, corporations, governments and non-profits think about and practice business leadership and ethics in the 21st century. The center’s activities include supporting academic research, developing leadership electives for MBA students, sponsoring leadership conferences and offering cutting-edge executive education. The Maxcor Foundation contribution will fund an executive-in-residence on leadership for the center and also help support core leadership curriculum development. More on the center is available at http://cole.fuqua.duke.edu.

The Royal Marsden Hospital in London is Europe’s largest comprehensive cancer center, with more than 30,000 patients treated annually. In addition to providing extensive inpatient, day-care and outpatient facilities for all types of cancer, The Royal Marsden has one of the largest centers in the U.K. for children with cancer. The Maxcor Foundation contribution will be earmarked to help The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign complete the purchase of a £2 million combined PET/CT scanner, the latest specialized diagnostic tool for achieving early detection and treatment of cancer.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London is the U.K.’s foremost pediatric hospital, world-renowned for its pioneering work in caring for youngsters with unusual, complex or rare conditions. The Maxcor Foundation contribution will help fund a unit of the Hospital’s new Patient Hotel, which will provide accommodations to keep child patients and their families together during treatment. More on the Hospital is available at its web site at http://www.gosh.nhs.uk.